Powerade is harnessing the power of some of New Zealand top athletes to launch its new Always Forward Campaign. Featuring four of New Zealand’s top athletes, Steven Adams, Sophie Pascoe, Kane Williamson and Israel Dagg, the new campaign shares the athletes' experiences around moving past adversity and not letting setbacks get in the way in order to reach goals.

The chosen athletes have all announced their excitement to be not only involved with a prominent New Zealand brand but also to be associated with other well known New Zealand athletes.

“The skill level and talent we have on the Powerade ambassador team from the likes of Izzy, Kane and now Sophie is unmatched. These athletes know what it takes to perform at the pinnacle of their respective sports and to continually be working to improve their game,” said Oklahoma City Thunder centre, Steven Adams.

New to the group of ambassadors’ is a Paralympic swimmer, Sophie Pascoe. “It’s a massive privilege to join the likes of Steven Adams, Kane Williamson and Israel Dagg as part of Powerade’s Always Forward campaign. To also be the first para-athlete and female brand ambassador makes me extremely proud and I hope my work with Powerade can help encourage both sportswomen and men,” she explained.

The new Always Forward initiative will involve a television campaign and social content that features all four ambassadors sharing moments in their careers where they have overcome obstacles and managed to become the great international sportspeople they are today.

“New Zealand sportspeople are some of the most competitive in the world and are continually working on all aspects of their game. Powerade is designed to be in balance with your body’s fluid, giving high-performance athletes hydration and energy when they need it most,” said Jodie Timmins, Powerade brand manager.

“Similar to our ambassadors, Powerade is constantly looking at different ways to improve. Steven, Kane, Izzy and Sophie have faced many challenges throughout their meaningful careers, but what makes them strong ambassadors for not only Powerade but New Zealand is their will and determination to keep pushing forward,” he added.

Powerade is owned by the Coca-Cola Company which offers over 500 brands to more than 200 countries.