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Introducing new soft and juicy Cinderella Figs, the latest delicious addition to the Cinderella dried fruits and snacking range. Say goodbye to seasonal availability and enjoy the taste of figs all year round. Perfect for snacking, in green salads or baking.

Fantastic Figs

Cinderella’s best-kept secret was the snacks she used to fuel all the running around after her evil step sisters. Introducing new soft and juicy…

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Frond lozenges are available in two appealing flavours - natural lemon and natural ginger. They are individually wrapped and can be purchased in two different package sizes, large and small.

Friend in Frond

Throat lozenges with a difference – Frond. Using a combination of Manuka Honey and the Tumeric derivative Curcumin, Frond lozenges have been scientifically researched…

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