2023 New Zealand Artisan Awards Delayed! New Dates Announced

As we gear up for the upcoming NZ Artisan Awards, we'd like to share some important news regarding the judging process.

Once again, we are thrilled to witness an impressive influx of entries from talented producers across New Zealand, all contending for recognition of their brand innovation. However, the remarkable response has presented us with a delightful yet distinctive challenge. The substantial number of entries necessitates a longer judging process. Compounding this, our head judge, Tania Walters, will, once again, be participating in the judging panel for food innovation at Anuga in Cologne. Regrettably, the timing of Anuga coincides with our local awards schedule, and as a result, we need to adjust our awards timeline.

"My commitment to Anuga means that our NZ Artisan Awards judging timeline will experience a slight delay," said Walters.

"New Zealand producers provide a high level of innovation, certainly to match any awards programme in the world, and the judging panel are tasked a lengthy judging process."

"As has become customary, the quality of the entered products is exceptionally high, and all participants should take pride in their contribution to New Zealand's vibrant food and beverage industry," she said.

Your patience is appreciated as we ensure a comprehensive judging procedure that truly honours the remarkable talents of New Zealand's food producers. The Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards hold a special place within the fmcg and hospitality sectors, as it celebrates the creativity, dedication, and passion that define New Zealand's artisanal landscape.

Your continued support and understanding as we navigate the changed dates of this year's awards are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to sharing this year's winners with you.

New Dates for 2023!

Wednesday 20th September

Ambient – Wednesday 20th September
Frozen – Wednesday 4th October
Fresh & Chilled – Wednesday 18th October

Wednesday 25th October

Wednesday 1st November

Please deliver your product on or shortly after your category delivery date. If you have entered General or Sauce, please deliver on your product's shelf life. Does it need refrigeration? Deliver it with Fresh & Chilled delivery dates. Is it shelf stable? Deliver with Ambient delivery dates. Do not send in your product early. We do not have the capacity to hold it prior to the key delivery dates.