Monteith’s Brewing Co. has launched a new brew, the Great Divide Pale Ale, as a tip of the hat to the pioneers of the West Coast who made it through the Southern Alps.

The new Monteith’s Great Divide Pale Ale at ABV 4.5% is a full bodied, flavoursome beer, with malt and hop profiles you would expect from a bigger pale ale.

“We chose Galaxy hops for their tropical nature, and Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops for notes of ripe orange, tangelo, and deep citrus zest. These are brought to life with Munich, Toffee and Crystal malts, blended for just the right amount of sweetness and body," said Monteith’s Brewing Co. Head Brewer, Rob Marshall.

The Great Divide uses a specific kind of pale ale yeast known for its unique interaction with hops.

“The yeast is well-respected for its ‘biotransformation’, which relates to how it works with the hop flavour and aroma to create something more than the sum of the two,” said Marshall.

Marshall weighs in on how the Great Divide is best enjoyed.

“It’s a sunny Saturday evening beer with a view of the ocean on one side, and Mt Cook the other. It’s all about complementing this beer, not contrasting it – try it alongside a mild cheese or a ploughman’s platter,” said Marshall.