Pak'NSave Royal Oak celebrates ‘Vegan Week’ once every six months, an idea that came to fruition thanks to the store’s duty manager.

“I was talking to my colleague one day about my veganism, and how it’s such a challenge to find everything under one roof for my grocery shop," said the store's duty manager. "After he heard this, and after we took a look at the number of comments we receive from customers looking for more vegan products, we decided to increase our vegan catchment and meet a growing need among not just our shopper base, but also New Zealand.”

The store implemented purple tickets that indicate on the shelf if products are vegan, which makes it easier for customers to quickly find what they’re looking for. Even the Auckland Vegan Community has noticed the store’s efforts – they awarded the store a special certificate to acknowledge their extensive vegan product range.

The store’s joint operator and store manager, Michael Vanbrink, said the surge in demand for vegan products among all shoppers, not just vegans, is indicative of plant-based lifestyles becoming more mainstream.

“The ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat meals help families get dinner sorted in record time, and meatless ‘meat,’ is the perfect solution for vegans, but also for shoppers who look to have a flexitarian diet," said Vanbrink.

The below products are in addition to what all shoppers, vegans included, can expect from PAK’nSAVE.

For the store’s last Vegan Week (w/c 8 July), some vegan products that flew off the shelves included:

(%s reflected in increase in units)

Ready-to-heat Cartel’s black bean, corn and tofu frozen burrito (200g) 600%
Ready-to-eat Wellington favourite Alamir Bakery falafel bites with pickled Lebanese cucumber (340g) 206%
Angas Park Figs Soft N Juicy (250g) 294%
Ceres Organic Brown Rice Seaweed Crackers (115g) 232%
Ceres Organic Chopped Tomatoes (400g) 844%
Check Fresh Tofu (300g) 207%
Check Silken Tofu (300g) 206%
Eat Real Quinoa Chili/Lime Chips (80g) 1167%
Eat Real Quinoa Sour Cream & Onion Chips (80g) 848%
Gardein Fishless Golden Filets (288g) 266%
Gardein Meat Free Mandarin Crispy Chicken (360g) 263%
Gardein Meatless Meatballs Classic (360g) 900%
Gardein Signature Crispy Chicken Tenders (255g) 159%
La Zuppa Soup Pouch Pumpkin (540g) 900%
La Zuppa Soup Tomato and Vegetable Soup (540g) 880%
Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Strawberry Acai and Raspberry & Lime (400ml) 308% each
Theresa Kitchen Meal-Ready Falafel (220g) 461%
Tio Pablo Tostadas Chicas (240g) 100%
Tonzu Organic Vegan Nuggets Tasty Tomato (200g) 4700%
Tonzu Organic Vegan Nuggets Natural Herb (200g) 4367%
Top Notch Veggie Patties (600g) 320%
Uptons Naturals Jackfruit Thai Curry (300g) 1400%
Uptons Naturals Jackfruit Chilli Lime (300g) 800%
Zenzo Vegan Mozzarella Original (250g) 4400%
Zenzo Dairy-Free Cheese Cheddar (250g) 608%