The Importance of In-Person Trade Fairs

Visitors walking through a drinktec trade fair

The Covid-19 Pandemic disrupted the entire world and changed how the world will do business forever. It brought a halt to many in-person events across the globe, but as the dust begins to settle, and trade fairs resume... drinktec looks forward to their annual event.

The 2022 drinktec trade fair will indeed be going ahead from September 12th to 16th, after a one-year postponement. "I have no doubt about that," said Petra Westphal, drinktec Exhibition Director. They will be following all the safety guidelines to ensure a successful event.

The event is crucial to the beverage and liquid food industry as it brings the world together. It provides a source of inspiration and information. The last two years have proven that quality information can only be ensured in-person "Simply put, this industry lives on meeting, on personal contact and on global exchange.”

The drinktec trade fair planning process is going well, they are excited to have key players return and open up their event once again.