This is Not a Drill: Hawaiian Pizza Shapes Are Real!

The snack wizards at Arnott’s raised eyebrows on social media this morning when the Shapes social media accounts teased a new flavour of Shapes – Hawaiian Pizza.

Despite the speculation of the news being a classic “Shapril” Fool’s Day prank, Arnott’s can confirm that the Shapes Hawaiian Pizza are indeed real.

It’s clear Kiwis feel strongly about the ‘pineapple on pizza’ flavour combo. Public debate raged back in 2017 when former Prime Minister Bill English shared his love of the divisive topping, snagging himself a slice of pop culture history.

Despite the previous Prime Ministerial preference, it’s unknown as to whether Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is partial to pineapple.

“This new Shapes flavour started as an April Fool’s Day prank because we know how fired up people, especially Kiwis, can get about whether pineapple has a rightful place on pizza," said Sharon Wherry, Arnott’s NZ Marketing Manager. 

“But once we tested it with Shapes fans, it became clear the concept had real legs. The savoury/sweet/tangy combination of Hawaiian Pizza is an absolute winner. Who doesn’t love pineapple?”

Kiwis can expect to see the flavour on supermarket shelves in July.