Winning Sausages Sizzle for the Third Year

The search is on for the country's best vegan snags with the Vegan Society announcing the third annual Vegan Sausage Awards. Imagine eating a sausage that is so tasty, yet so healthy. Using far less resources and better for the human body than its fat and meat filled equivalents, vegan sausages are here to stay. The awards showcase excellence, great taste, a sense of fun and good old Kiwiana.

New Zealand leads the way in plant-based innovations being the only country to have Vegan Sausage Awards, which take place on 28th June, at plant-based cafe,The Butcher's Son. This year's judges include vegan comedian Tom Sainsbury, as well as Food and Beverage Industry judge, Aaron Pucci. Kiwis are putting their money where their mouths are, backing the massive rise in meat alternatives and plant based options now available in NZ.

Loved by kids and adults alike, sausages are a fun part of Kiwi culture and traditions like barbies, but increasingly Kiwis are turning their back on animal agriculture out of concern for the environment and their health - with the industry now stepping up in quality and variety to meet their needs.

According to the 2019 Colmar Brunton poll, one third of New Zealanders are reducing or cutting out meat from their diets and products like vege sausages are jumping in to take their place. 

Many of the sausages have well known ingredients such as soy, wheat, tapioca, rice flour and are flavoured with onions, garlic, herbs and spices. Some try to mimic the taste and texture of meat sausages, but others offer their own flavours. Experiment to find out which is your favourite, or just try out the Award winners!

  • Last year's winner the Beyond Sausage has gone from strength to strength on the retail market, judge Tom Sainsbury said “What I liked about it is that you could serve it to meat eaters and I'm sure they would be none the wiser”
  • Supermarkets are reporting a massive 36% growth in the plant based sector
  • 31% of Kiwis eat sausages at least once a week, despite the WHO placing processed meats in the group 1 carcinogen category in 2015, meaning they are a known carcinogen, just like cigarettes.
  • Vegan sausages have no cholesterol and contain no nitrates
  • The Oxford study showed that by adopting a vegan diet you could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 73%.
  • The simplest most effective way an individual can mitigate climate change is through diet change.

Have a look at Tom's video from last year, expressing his excitement at the prospect of all those sausages!