New label Living Goodness has created a range of healthy fermented foods. Living Goodness Raw Sauerkraut is packed with probiotics from its fermentation process and naturally occurring bacteria.

Living Goodness’ products come in six flavours, including Sassy Kraut, Heart Beet Kraut, Super Kraut, Quick Draw Slaw, Naked Kraut, and Sum Yum Kimchi.

Husband and wife team Peter Kearns and Fiona Dykes moved from London to Auckland last year after spending five years fermenting. Their fermenting journey began when Kearns was diagnosed with pancreatitis and Candida. Being an eager foodie he began to research how to improve his health through food.

Kearns discovered the benefits of fermented foods that provide live bacteria, and began to experiment with different ingredients, spices and flavours. On arrival in Auckland, Kearns and Dykes immediately saw an opportunity in the market for a new range of fermented foods.

Having perfected their recipes they moved from their shared kitchen in Oratia to a food-grade premises on Rosebank Road, Avondale. From here they produce jars that they sell at farmers markets and a number of independent retailers around the North Island.

They’ve recently been awarded interim approval by Foodstuffs North Island as a store specific supplier and are now supplying a number of New Worlds around Auckland and Wellington.

The couple hopes the future will allow them to continue providing a convenient range of super krauts to the North and South Island and to expand their range of products.

For more information contact Peter or Fiona on 0800 624004.