Ashon Ventures brings a world of experience and growth opportunities for FMCG partners. Established in 1989, Ashon Ventures (NZ) Ltd is part of the USD$100 million plus Ashabhai Group of Companies, servicing FMCG markets throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific, Their distribution and service support takes in Major Retail Supermarket Chains, Cash n Carry, Wholesalers, Route Stores, Oil Channels, Hospitality, Food Service, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Fruit & Vege outlets and Institutions. 

Ashon provide a wide range of their own-brand products including Pacific Crown Canned Tuna, Sardines, Mackerels, Cracker Biscuits, Sugar, Edible Oils, Salt, Medium Grain Rice, Jasmine Rice, Coconut Products and Sauces,  Solo’s Choice Coconut Cream, Natural Goodness Confectionary, Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, and Rolled Oats, Golden Tips Pure Ceylon Teabags. Royal Chef Basmati Rice, De Power Brite Laundry Detergents and Cleaning & Home Care products. Brands represented; Taste of India Simmer Sauces, Pastes and Shelf stable RTE products, Golden Country Corned Canned Meats, Lees Biscuits and Fruit Cakes and recently introduced Al Chipno – Tortilla Corn Chips. 

Ashon have grown to become an innovative product-based distribution company, currently enjoying double-digit growth whilst providing an efficient value-added supply chain servicing growing consumer demand across New Zealand. Ashon are managed by an in-house team of experienced industry professionals including an effective, hands-on, results-driven sales and management team operating from their own DC’s in New Zealand, and the South Pacific, leading by example in delivering value, efficiency and good returns for manufacture, sourcing, supply and sale of quality, affordable consumer goods. For more information call 0800 827 466 or visit