The Better Drinks Co have two iconic NZ brands in their stable, Charlie’s and Phoenix, both originally launched with ‘better’ credentials, ‘Not from Concentrate’ Juice in Charlie’s case and ‘Organic’ ingredients in the case of Phoenix.

Both brands have come a long way since their original launches but remain true to their roots of providing ‘better’ options. “Our portfolio now includes products spanning almost all of the non-alcoholic category from Honest Fizz & Straight-Up Cola to their original OJ,” said Patrick Kean, brand manager for Charlie’s. “Not to rest on our laurels, The Better Drinks Co continues to listen to consumer needs and diligently develop products to meet them. The latest wave of launches is a great example of this.”

“Globally and locally consumers are consciously making healthier choices and looking for lower sugar options that still taste great. Hence Charlie’s came up with

‘The Skinny One’, a drink that tastes as good as regular juice, but with 40-50 percent less calories*. We don’t usually do things by halves, but when it comes to calories we gave it a crack! It was simple really, fruit juice (never from concentrate) some pure water and a dash of the natural sweetener stevia. Bingo. Full taste, half the calories,” said Kean.

The Skinny One is available in four flavours, Orange, Tropical, Blackcurrant & Apple and Raspberry & Apple. Coconut Coolers are another recent launch. “To keep them light and deliciously refreshing we put together a natural blend of the good stuff – real fruit juice (no concentrate again), pure water and a bit of cane sugar. And to be a bit fancy we added in a tasty dash of coconut water, a knockout natural hydrator,” said Kean.

Coconut Coolers are available in two varieties - Raspberry and Pomegranate and Mango, Peach & Passion.  *40-50 percent less calories than regular Charlie’s Juice.