Enjoying Chocolate Treats, Guilt-Free


Australian confectionery snacking brand boodles has crafted a new indulgent sweet treat made with 50 percent less sugar when compared to other leading bite-sized chocolate confectionery options.

These bite-sized chocolate luxuries are light and crispy, crafted with the natural goodness of seeds and grains, like quinoa, buckwheat, soy and rice crisps. Covered in smooth, creamy chocolate, boodles are the new go-to for consumers looking for something decadent and guilt-free.

The range includes Chocolate, Chocolate and Caramel, Chocolate and Hazelnut, and soon-to-be-released Peanut and Pretzel, and Chocolate Speckle.

Coming from a regional Australian farming family, the boodles brand takes pride in what it does and works hard to create delicious, responsibly-focused snacks.

Boodles can be found in the confectionery aisle at Woolworths and online.