BCGA Concept Corp is a Brooklyn-based craft beverage maker that specialises in ginger ales/beers. “Our mission is to share our bold, spicy ginger brews, made with ingredients you can trust,” explained Keli Roberson, Marketing Director for BCGA Concept Corp. Established in 2010 inside a shared space with a noodle and dumpling factory in East Williamsburg, it came time to expand in 2014. BCGA stayed true to its Brooklyn roots and moved into its current home in Bushwick. The recipe for BCGA’s initial brand, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, can be dated back nearly 30 years when Bruce Cost introduced his own herbal version of the ginger ale to his Monsoon restaurant in San Francisco.

Made on premise at 11 restaurants later, the ginger ales were finally bottled in 2010 through a partnership with Terry Tang following years of success as a signature beverage. In 2016, BCGA expanded its brand portfolio and now include Brooklyn Crafted, Brooklyn Organics, and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, offering a wide variety of craft beverages enjoyed on their own or mixed in cocktails. Their hero product is their original Bruce Cost Ginger Ale which Roberson added that without it, they wouldn’t have a base for all their additional flavours. BCGA products are unique because they use only natural ingredients, with the Bruce Cost Ginger Ale only using four-ingredients; carbonated water, fresh ginger, pure cane sugar and citric acid. BCGA currently has 20 different ginger ale and ginger beer products. For more information, contact Garlim Zhou at