Co-founder Andy Romanowski explained that it all started his best friend Josef Klemm grew up in Bad Tölz in Southern Germany. “As a young man, he didn’t like the taste of beer which is unheard of in the town he grew up. He always liked drinking cocktails but could never get a proper one when going out to festivals or clubs,” Romanowski said. “This is when he started experimenting with cocktails with ice in bottles. Twelve years later after completing his traineeship as a plumber and doing his masters in engineering, he decided it was a good time to turn that idea into reality.”

Kukki is the first ready-to-drink cocktail which already comes with ice cubes and fresh fruits inside. At their German-based production, they only use the best juices, fruits, spirits and ice to create great tasting cocktails that will last 12 months at freezing temperature. Kukki is free from artificial colours or other preservatives and their patented technology allows them to offer a drinking experience the world hasn’t seen before.

The Kukki cocktail range includes a special toaster that turns the frozen beverage into ready-to-drink cocktail within 30 seconds. “We’ve been on the market for only 12 months but have already won national and international awards. We have grown from just 3 to 23 full-time staff so it’s safe to say our drinks are pretty popular.”

The range includes five flavours and are about to release another three. The team also has a number of other innovations up their sleeve coming out soon. Romanowski said he was blown away by the number of new customers they met at ANUGA, including a new international crowd from Peru, Mexico and New Zealand.

For more information on kukki or to become a distributor, email Andy Romanowski at andy@boozeme.de.