Popular for its ability to relieve stress and naturally aid a better and deeper sleep experience, Good Night is a premium 100 percent natural herbal non-alcoholic drink.

Made in Austria, Good Night has a two-year shelf life and relies on lemon balm and hops extracts to deliver the best results. “We are giving people energy back in form of healthier alternative given by our nature. Sleep. We don’t rely on refined sugars or caffeine,” explained COO/CCO Peter Balent. Targeted at busy families, students and athletes; sleep is essential for the body and no other chemical or synthetic can replace it. “There are hundreds of processes of regeneration in our body while we sleep and critical for each of us,” Balent added. Good Night is also available in hotel minibars.

The lightly carbonated, fructose-sweetened drink has no preservatives, artificial colours, sugars or intense sweeteners. Widely available in retail and health food stores, gas stations, spas, universities, hotel and holiday cruises and minibars, duty-free shops, airlines, airports and pharmacies. This year is the brand’s first time showcasing at ANUGA, they have raised the interest of hundreds of distributors with immediate orders from countries such as Iran, Philippines, Canada, and South Korea.

“We are open for partnerships in Australia and New Zealand, anyone who can place well the product and choose the correct marketing strategy to reach the customer is valuable for our distribution network.”

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