Founded by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Denmark who were initially influenced by reading about the accumulation of plastic trash in the oceans consisting mainly of plastic bottles. During the 2009 UN climate meeting held in Copenhagen (COP 15), the trio became more aware of the negative impact of bottled water on the environment. “We felt that something had to be done. So we set our minds on designing a bottle that is especially designed for drinking tap water that will help reduce plastic waste around the world,” said brand manager, Robert Hjernberg. Their most popular product is the Retap Bottle 05, but the team is currently working on making Retap Induse their ‘flagship product’. Retap Infuse is a supplement to drinking plain water and is an alternative to drinking bottled flavoured water and other sugary beverages. Compared to bottled ready-to-drink beverages, Retap Infuse is a more convenient and sustainable way to hydrate. Available in four different flavours, Retap Infuse is always combined with two or three different fruits or herbs in the same stick – for example Raspberry and Mint – to get the right balance of taste. The flavour range that they have developed for the first four flavours have a distinct adult, maybe also a little Scandinavian flavour tone. “It’s not a strong penetrating taste, but merely a hint of a flavour.” The bottles are also available in three different sizes and a carafe, all made in durable and reusable glass. “We are looking for distributors in many places around the world and New Zealand is one of them.” A highlight of ANUGA has been the reception of Retap Infuse regarding taste and design from buyers. “We are really overwhelmed by the interest and all the positive feedback,” said Hjernberg. “We really feel that the visitors had a genuine interest in our product and company.”

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