Picture of The Whole Kitchen product range
The Whole Kitchen was born out of the simple vision to make healthy, tasty food accessible to everyone.
The company was founded in 2015 by Anne, a certified health coach, and Susan, a trained chef, who felt nutritious food options in Singapore were lacking. Together, they have combined their skills to create a range of gluten-free snacks, such as gourmet nut mixes and granola; and baked goods, including a growing range of bread and cakes, made from whole food ingredients and an emphasis on low sugar levels.
What started as a small venture in a shared kitchen, now has a growing team operating in a strict gluten-free facility in Singapore. The Whole Kitchen is in over 70 locations island-wide - including retail, food service, catering, and corporate pantries - with plans to export overseas.
The Whole Kitchen empowers people to enjoy real food every day by providing delicious options made with whole food ingredients and no additives. Through continuous community engagement and education, we aim to change the health food space around the region.
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