Allen’s lollies face off in a gruelling head-to-head vote

Fans of Allen’s lollies will be eager to get online and vote for their favourite lolly. The winner of the election will make its way to the shelves. Australians are encouraged to take charge of the lolly future of their nation by showing their passion for their favourite lolly. The contenders are Allen’s Cola Frogs—the best of sweet and sour combined in perfect harmony, and Allen’s Unicorns—a trendy new hit that brings a plethora of fruit flavours to the table.

Last year, over 35,000 fans participated in the vote leading to Blackberry & Cream featuring in a limited-edition Allen’s Fruit & Cream Mix bag.
Voting opens from the 14th of January and closes on Monday the 21st of January. The winner will be announced on the Allen’s Facebook page on the 23rd of January. The winner should be up on Woolworths shelves by late February.