Cleaning System Combatting Climate Change

JetMaster AS

In a transformative effort to combat climate change, mycon GmbH, a specialist in advanced cleaning solutions, today announces the launch of a new automated cleaning system for air heat exchangers.

This innovation could significantly reduce energy consumption, as the operation of these heat exchangers, used extensively in industrial cooling, transport, and climate control systems, currently accounts for approximately 25 percent of global energy consumption.

A cleaner heat exchanger consumes less energy, with the added benefit that biomass, biogas, waste incineration, and fossil power plants can produce more electricity. The revolutionary JetMaster and its automated version, JetMaster AS, developed by mycon, utilise compressed air from three bar pressure and small volumes of water in a patented process that achieves both an environmentally friendly and surface-friendly result. This particular yet highly efficient cleaning procedure increases the overall performance of the heat exchanger and is protected by patents in both national and international territories.

Mycon GmbH has recently successfully implemented this new automated cleaning system for a customer operating a 20 MW power plant in Eastern Germany. Before the implementation, the power plant experienced significant reductions in electricity production during peak summer temperatures. However, with the new cleaning system, the plant can continue economically, even during high ambient temperatures.

In addition, mycon GmbH is developing a similarly fully automated cleaning system for smaller heat exchangers, the JetBoy AS. Due to launch later this year, this new system features a simplified design that offers cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. It will provide an alternative to manual cleaning, optimising the energy efficiency of the heat exchanger and resulting in significant potential savings. With mycon's unique ControlMaster algorithm can calculate the potential savings from increased cleaning frequency in advance, provided the customer makes the necessary data available.

By providing an innovative solution to combat energy inefficiency and thus aiding in the global fight against climate change, mycon GmbH continues demonstrating its commitment to environmentally friendly, effective, and efficient cleaning solutions.