Vegans in the UK are angry with Morrisons supermarket's new BLT ready-to-eat sandwich offer, that is, well, just minus the bacon. Instead the sandwich is substituted with carrot. The 'CLT' also includes tomatoes, lettuce, and vegan mayo, along with the smokey carrot strips, in between two slices of bread. But vegans aren't stomaching this one.

"Not to sound ungrateful, but a salad sandwich? No wonder everyone asks where we get our protein," said one disgruntled customer.

"Carrot is NOT vegan bacon," said another customer on Instagram.

Some customers raved about the sandwich saying that the carrot did taste like bacon because of the way it was smoked.

Nevertheless, supermarkets around the world are trying to cater to new trends and dietary requirements in its 'convenience' food categories, just maybe they might have more luck with vegan sausages?