Nestlé And Danimer Scientific Team Up To Create Biodegradable Water Bottles

Following its announcement earlier this year about a series of new sustainability pledges, Nestle has announced a partnership with Danimer Scientific to develop and manufacturer new biodegradable plastic water bottles.

The partnership will see the two company’s work together to produce bio-based resins using Danimer Scientific’s PHA polymer Nodax, an effective biodegradable alternative to PET plastics.

Maurizio Patarnello, CEO of Nestlé Waters said that the company was 100 percent committed to addressing the growing plastic waste crisis. “A biodegradable bottle, which is also recyclable, can help improve the environmental impact of our business in countries without collection and recycling systems.”

To achieve its commitment of making 100 percent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, Nestlé has implemented an array of initiatives, such as the creation of the company’s own Institute of Packaging Sciences which they hope will fast-track the development of environmentally friendly packaging solutions.