Kraft operate pop-up grocery store to support federal workers

As estimated 800,000 US federal workers are affected by a partial government shutdown—many of whom reside in Washington D.C. Between January 16th and 20th, Kraft will launch a pop-up grocery store near Union market in D.C. to support federal workers with suspended jobs. Kraft’s motto for the store is “Kraft Now, Pay Later,” where instead of paying for groceries upfront, employees are encouraged to donate to a charity or a person in need when they can.

Sergio Eleuterio, the brand’s head of marketing said, “Kraft stands for families, and we want to support the families who have built our brands. During the government shutdown, parents should not have to worry about putting dinner on the table because they aren’t receiving a paycheck.”

A variety of other companies have also extended grace to jobless federal workers including Jackson Whole Grocer, Warfield IGA, and Weis Markets.