salt and vinegar pringles stare unrecyclably

As part of its sustainability targets, the Kellogg Company has announced its aim to use 100 percent reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging by the end of 2025.

As part of the eco-friendly changes to its packaging, Pringles cans in the UK are now recyclable thanks to a deal the chip brand made with TerraCycle. Pringles were once condemned as the “villains” of recycling in the UK, along with sports drink Lucozade.

Kellogg said it’s been working with suppliers to improve the environmental effects of its packaging designs. By late 2019 it expects to have made its cereal pouches recycle-ready in Europe, removing around 480 tonnes of non-recyclables from its supply chain every year.

“Nurturing our planet is a foundational value of Kellogg,” said CEO Steve Cahillane. “It’s imperative we are part of a solution that ensures a healthy and sustainable planet for all people around the world.”

Kellogg’s senior director of global packaging, Lou Massari, stated the company couldn’t accomplish its waste-free goals alone, hence the focus on collaborating with suppliers, designers, and customers.