Mintel has revealed the latest flavour trends for the US market. The report explores five trending flavours and ingredients – Japanese, Fermented, Authentic Indian, Eastern Mediterranean, and Botanicals and Adaptogens.

Botanicals and Adaptogens:

With today’s busy society, consumers are looking for any excuse to take a break and relax. Products infused with botanical flavours and herbs aid consumers with winding down. In the US, Hibiscus flavours are growing at a rate of 55 percent while botanical inspires mocktails are also increasing at a rate of 43 percent.

Botanical and adaptogenic inspired flavours and ingredients include; cannabis, turmeric, schizandra, reishi, lime and ashwagandha.

Japanese Inspired:

Japanese flavours have been present in dining facilities for a while but have now begun to trickle down into the retail market. 45 percent of US consumers said that they would be interested in eating Japanese cuisine. Yuzu is a trending flavour reporting a 10 percent growth while the popularity of Ramen has seen a rapid increase reporting a growth of 44 percent.

Fermented Flavours:

The Kombucha trend opened the door for consumers looking for healthy alternatives. Fermented and probiotic ingredients have been becoming increasingly popular with consumers with 39 percent saying that they try to include probiotics in their diets. Pickled ingredients continue to rise at 27 percent, while Kimchi is increasing at 16 percent and fermented at eight percent. Mintel is predicting that tapioca, chicory, dandelion greens, tsampa, and guar gum will grow and start to become mainstream.

Authentic Indian:

Tourism has led to more consumers exploring authentic flavour combinations. Flavoured ghees, authentic simmer sauces, and packaged flatbreads offer consumers an easy way to experiment with Indian flavours at home. 49 percent of consumers who eat international foods say that they would be interested in buying Indian sauces or condiments.

Eastern Mediterranean:

Consumers are now exploring middle Eastern flavourings. Cardamom saw a rise of 79 percent from 2015 to 2018 while Tahini also saw growth with a 14 percent increase. Mintel predicts that flavour combinations such as Hawaij and Urfa Biber will begin to grow in popularity in 2019.