Mark Hamilton 2
MARK Hamilton’s Bell Tea Coffee Company (BTCC) profile refers to him as a ‘Southern man with a laid back attitude’; it hits the nail directly on the head. Born and bred in Edendale, Southland, Mark grew up on his family sheep farm with his parents and older sister.
He attended the local school in Wyndham and says growing up in a rural small town where everybody knows everyone, had its ups and downs but became a pivotal part of his upbringing. In his final year of high school, encouraged by a neighbour, Mark made the decision to study aboard, the destination, Rhode Island, USA.
“I took an opportunity that completely changed my perspective on life and New Zealand. I learnt the US philosophy of competition, developing yourself and making your way in the world.” The eye opening experience exposed Mark to new cultures and an increased population. His new school, he says, was at least five times the size of the one back home, he adapted quickly, making friends, playing grid iron and assembling his own rugby team. Returning home, Mark attended Otago University, studying commerce with a major in marketing, he also attained a master’s degree from the university, with a thesis on branding of meat products in the New Zealand market.

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