A Very Vogel’s Makeover

A very-Vogel’s makeover and the addition of a new keto-friendly blend means Vogel’s new-look Café-Style muesli range has a stripe to suit your dietary type. From gluten-free to FODMAP-friendly and now keto-friendly, there are eight delicious recipes all made here in New Zealand and free from artificial flavours, colours and palm-oil. And while the Café-Style range has new stripes, like its bread siblings, it remains chock-full of the same delicious, wholefood goodness Vogel’s has been serving up for more than half a century.

Its newest blend - Café-Style Toasted Peanut, Coconut & Cacao - is loaded with 93% nuts and seeds and toasted with delicious cacao.  It contains no added sugar and only 5.4g of net carbohydrates per serve, making it the perfect choice for a great-tasting, low-carb muesli. This SKU is accompanied by the launch of two new SKUs in the Vogel’s Delightful Granola range – Cacao & Hazelnut Granola, and Peanut Butter, Coconut & Chia Granola.