APC Innovate is living up to its name with a phenomenal Gift Trader exhibition stand that Pride In Print Awards manager Sue Archibald says is a fantastic example of going outside the square. The revolutionary stand was jointly awarded the Industry Development and Creativity Category Prize at the Pride in Print awards.

“This could well change the way companies organise their exhibition planning in future,” said Ms Archibald. “This company is using board and print to create a stand that comes as a flat pack and can be assembled in 30 minutes, either as a free-standing unit or by attaching panels to the wall with Velcro.

The display is also totally recyclable so once the exhibition is over, it can be discarded into the recycling bin or it can be dismantled back to a flat pack and used again.

“This could revolutionise exhibitions,” Archibald said. “The cost of hiring stands is high and people often have to use professional installers. This reduces the cost enormously and you can do it yourself. Not only that, it looks great -- it will probably be the best stand in the show!”

APC Innovate’s Greg Nash said he has a “great team who put a lot of hard work into achieving this. It is never one person – it is the whole company.”

“This award is about the sustainability and recyclability of the products we are using and how we are developing them into things that traditionally cardboard doesn’t do,” he continued. “The whole expo market is huge and is especially massive in Europe where this board product was developed. Now we are introducing it into the New Zealand market and hopefully it’s all onwards and upwards from here.”

APC Innovate created the stand for XPO Exhibitions Ltd which owns and organises 13 of New Zealand’s largest and longest-running business-to-business trade show exhibitions and events.