Bluebird Launches New Oven Baked Potato Chip

The iconic Kiwi brand famous amongst chip lovers, is welcoming a healthier alternative to supermarket shelves.

Chip lovers across the country can rejoice as Bluebird launches new Bluebird Oven Baked – a chip with 50 percent less fat than Bluebird Original Cut potato chips.

The news is sure to be welcomed by snack-loving Kiwis looking for a chip option that is better for them, while not compromising on taste, flavour, or crunch.

The new Bluebird Oven Baked chips have been created using an oven baked cooking method, rather than the traditional frying method.

The Kiwi brand’s Lead Nutrition Scientist & Dietitian, Vered Moses, said the company was excited to announce this innovative product which provides Kiwis with a ‘better for you’ potato chip.

Bluebird General Manager, Dan Engeman, said Kiwis can now enjoy their favourite snack with a little less guilt. “We’re a nation of chip fanatics – a snack that is known to bring everyone together as soon as the rustle of a Bluebird chip pack is heard.”

“Bluebird chips are synonymous with fun and exciting times. As we count down to Christmas and summer, it’s great to know Kiwis can enjoy a healthier alternative of the Bluebird flavours they know and love while celebrating the festive season with their loved ones.”

Bluebird’s Oven Baked range launches this week and will be available in three mouth- watering new flavours – Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Chives, and Roast Chicken & Thyme.