Cadbury Roses are a Kiwi institution, pulled out at every Christmas and Birthday occasion in New Zealand. Since its launch into the New Zealand market Roses has seen a number of updates in packaging and flavour eliminations and additions. The latest update to the famous brand involves both new and updated packaging as well as new flavour combinations.

The new Roses box will see the addition of two new flavours; the White Raspberry chocolate and the Vanilla Nougat. The White Raspberry chocolate contains freeze-dried raspberries covered in Cadbury's famous creamy white chocolate. The Vanilla Nougat is home to textured nougat filled with crispy pieces and dipped in milk chocolate.

Cadbury has also made alterations to some existing favourites. Peppermint Crème has now been changed to Peppermint Crème Crunch adding a crunchy texture to the Kiwi classic. Other altered chocolates include; Hazelnut Crème Crisp, Turkish Delight, Hazelnut Swirl, Caramel Deluxe, Classic Caramel, Dark Mocha Nougat and Classic Milk.

The reinvented Cadbury chocolates have also seen a change to their traditional shape. The chocolates have been refined with new decorative shapes and rounder, smoother sides. New sealed packaging has also been designed to hold in freshness and seal in flavour.

“This new evolution of Cadbury Roses reflects the changing tastes and preferences of Kiwis and addresses feedback across New Zealand – no more pesky empty wrappers or unwrapped chocolates floating around in the bottom of your box,” said Melanie Yates, Senior Marketing Manager at Mondelēz International.

“The success of Cadbury Roses is a testament to this much-loved product’s ability to continually evolve, offering flavours like Mandarin Cream in the 50s, Peppermint Cordial in the 70s and Lemon Cheesecake in the early 2000s,” she said.

The release of the updated Roses will coincide with Cadbury's 'fresh ways to say thank you' campaign. As part of the campaign, the brand researched how Kiwi’s how they like to share. The research showed that 69 percent of New Zealanders have given or received a thank you gift in the last 12 months, while 70 percent of Kiwis think it’s very important to say thank you or be thanked by someone, believing it makes others feel appreciated and valued.