As Steinlager Pure celebrates 10 years of existence, it has released a fresh new packaging design for its globally acclaimed brew. True to its ‘Keep it Pure’ mantra of the last decade, lovers of Steinlager Pure will be satisfied to hear that the beer within the bottle remains the same as it always has been: pure and uncompromised.

That’s because Steinlager holds a fierce belief that when brewing a beer you have to stick to your principles if you want to achieve great results. Pure things must be kept pure.

Therefore, Steinlager Pure has always contained no additives and preservatives. It is still brewed using only pure ingredients sourced from the best place in the world. It still uses New Zealand water, malted barley, Pacific Jade hops and yeast, to create a premium beer with a smooth and refreshing flavour.

The packaging has changed, but the beer has not – and Steinlager plans to keep it that way. When you make the best beer in the world, you never compromise it.