Pasta is a staple food consumed around the world. Made of an unleavened dough typically consisting of durum wheat, eggs, and water, pasta is a diverse ingredient, useable in every kitchen from humble student digs to fine dining establishments.

Pasta can be traced back to the 1st century AD and the writings of the Roman poet Horace, making this Italian staple older than Italy itself!  Unsurprisingly, Italy consumes the largest amount of pasta in the world, though by 2020 it is predicted that Americans will take the lead.

This World Pasta Day, SupermarketNews takes a look at the top products available in the aisle.

  1. Ghiotti – a favourite among Italian restaurateurs. For the last six years, this authentically Italian company has supplied NZ restaurants with its range of delectable kinds of pasta, from spaghetti to the miniature morsel orzo. In 2012, the company decided to make its pasta staples available to the everyday Kiwi by stocking it in local supermarkets.European Foods are committed to presenting only the best authentic and top quality food products, carefully selected from across Europe to bring innovation and flavour to New Zealand.For more information visit www.ghiotti.co.nz or phone 09 551 7410.

  2. From the rolling hills of Isola del Piano, comes Girolomoni Organics, an authentic range of pasta crafted traditionally and sustainably, in Italy.The Girolomoni recipe is simple; they farm their own top-quality organic wheat, use pure spring water from the hills above their fields and keep the wheat’s wholefood goodness locked in by drying the pasta at a low temperature for at least 8 hours. The result is a high-quality, delicious and nutritious organic pasta with that perfect al dente texture.

    Available in a variety of long and short pasta shapes in bronze-extruded, wholemeal and semi-wholemeal, with Girolomoni, you can create all your favourite pasta dishes, just like Mamma used to make!

    This range, along with many other premium, artisan products is available from Sabato. Focusing on quality and traceability, Sabato sources fine foods and ingredients from Europe, supporting small, family-owned businesses which add generations of knowledge and tradition to their products.

    For more information contact hayley.emery@sabato.co.nz or phone +64 9 630 8763.

    Girolomoni Organics pasta range

  3. Diamond Pasta – Dubbed as one of the most well-known pasta brands in NZ, it is a familiar favourite with consumers. With an excellent texture and taste the brand also offers a range of wholemeal and gluten-free options.Diamond Pasta range
  4. Pasta d’Oro – This NZ-owned brand has been feeding hungry Kiwis fresh pasta since 1987 – nothing beats fresh pasta. With a delicate texture that takes half the time to cook, it’s an easy win for consumers.Pasta d'Oro pasta range
  5. Explore Cuisine - Explore Cuisine makes bean-based pastas suited for the health goddess in you. Made from 100 percent certified organic beans and low in carbs, this brand offers a whole new way for consumers to enjoy a bowl of their favourite pasta, without the guilt!Explore Cuisine pasta range