Clevedon Buffalo Co. is celebrating its first decade in business with a new delicious cheese for customers to savour. The company’s owner/operators, Richard and Helen Dorresteyn have recently marked 10 years since they began farming riverine water buffalo (the first to do so in New Zealand), initially crafting their premium buffalo cheese to sell at the Clevedon Village Farmer's market.

Fast forward 10 years and the business now has 12 products and more than nine medals for its buffalo dairy products - and is still staying true to its values – delivering fresh, premium buffalo cheese and yoghurt into homes and restaurants nationwide.

And they said they could think of no better way to celebrate their success than to add a new product to their award-winning range of cheese and yoghurts – a cherry buffalo mozzarella.

A sister product to Clevedon Buffalo Co’s popular existing buffalo mozzarella balls, the cherry buffalo mozzarella has a soft but resilient interior and beautiful ‘pop’ of the skin, much like a grape. Presented in brine, these tasty mini morsels of cheese are made from fresh buffalo milk, free of preservatives and are dispatched on the same day they’re manufactured.  The cherry buffalo mozzarella is ideal for adding a simple, exquisite touch to a meal - perfect for stirring through pasta or enjoying with a cherry tomato and basil on a skewer.

Customers familiar with Clevedon Buffalo Co. will also notice a fresh update in the range’s packaging. The new logo and clean, crisp look reflect the brand values of this premium, ever-growing line of products. 

Helen Dorresteyn said the new addition and updated branding are just the latest highlights in what’s been a fantastic 10 years for their family-run business.

“A decade ago, we were the first people to farm milking buffalo and make buffalo mozzarella in New Zealand, it has been an extraordinary journey,” said Dorresteyn.

“It has been tough but always rewarding as there is no substitute for finely crafted fresh buffalo milk cheeses and yoghurt. We have worked hard as a team and been rewarded with recognition for our achievements with accolades for the products and loyal support from our customers. It is a dynamic and evolving business, there is such huge scope for buffalo farming and quality cheesemaking in New Zealand."

Dorresteyn said buffalo milk is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. Buffalo milk contains 40-50 % more calcium and protein than cow’s milk and 40% less cholesterol than cow’s milk and is a popular alternative for those who suffer from CMA (cow’s milk allergy). 

“People who suffer from poor digestion and even eczema find buffalo milk very helpful. We’re finding more and more people are looking for buffalo milk products for these reasons.”