CoralTree Organics Launches New Look, Marking 25 Years

New Zealand’s pioneering organic apple cider vinegar producer has launched a refreshed image for its flagship product, with its first new-look label in two decades, reflecting the business’s evolution from original disruptor to industry leader.

CoralTree Organics has more than 25 years as a BioGro certified organic orchard under their belt, as well as a strong ethos to provide the highest quality apple cider vinegar to customers, caring for their health, as well as the health of the land. For at least twenty years though, the Otaki-based producer’s oak barrel-aged apple cider vinegar has been sold under an original label design, which, while probably familiar to many, was long overdue for an upgrade, said co-owner Zhana Baker.

“We’ve have been using our original label now for many years, and while I do have so much love for it as a familiar part of my life, it was time for an upgrade,” said Baker, who was born at her family’s home on the orchard and grew up in and around the business, before taking the reins over the last year.

“We often received feedback that the label was a bit old fashioned and too wordy, but when I think of everything that’s changed in the past two decades it’s hardly surprising it seems a little outdated now. I believe it’s only the second time the label and image has been changed."

Baker had a hand in the design process, and says it was very important to her to keep the original, pioneering feeling of the past label, but to bring it into the present with a crisp and bright new look.

“Our bottles need to convey our brand values, which are that we’re trustworthy, authentic and boutique."

“We designed it to communicate the things that set us apart, such as our apple cider vinegar being the only one aged in oak barrels, with no added water and with over 25 years of BioGro certification."

The simplicity of the design, created by fellow Kapiti Coast business Wonderbird, is eye-catching and interesting, and the finished result is one Zhana says she is very proud of, as well as being pleased to support another local business.

“It’s been a long time coming - at least five years in fact, and it feels surreal to see the new look on the bottles heading out the door."

With their products sought after both in NZ and overseas, CoralTree Organics is a top supplier of premium apple cider vinegar in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and South Africa.

“Our product is made from 100 percent organic, quality apples - not from seconds. We allow the naturally-occurring enzymes, or “mother” to take it to full fermentation, and it is then specially aged in oak barrels and matured like a fine wine, creating a rich, full flavour that is quite different from other apple cider vinegars."