For the next two weeks Countdown supermarkets across the country will be selling a cheaper range of sanitary products, and are calling on customers to donate a pack to the Salvation Army either in-store or online.

The initiative, inspired by the needs and advocacy of young women and endorsed by Labour MP Louisa Wall, will see Countdown selling sanitary products for only $4 and encouraging customers to buy one or two extra packs for the purposes of donation, as sanitary products are rarely donated to food banks.

“We want to make sure all females, whether at school, university, or working are able to access female products that helps support their full participation at school, on the sports field and society,” said Wall. “Female sanitary products are not a luxury, but for young Kiwi women they’re an expense that’s hard to afford.”

The campaign will run until Sunday 5th of April at Countdown stores nationwide and online through The Foodbank Project,