Do One Thing, And Do It Well

The team at Culley’s found that they had quite a knack for making awesome-tasting condiments and so they’ve fully embraced that. Its whole company is dedicated to making the most epic condiments inspired by favourite cuisines from around the globe. The latest in the collection is its 10-strong Vegan Mayo Range. Something to tickle everyone’s fancy with the same Culley’s award-winning quality you know and trust, and at a price-point everyone loves.

The range is designed to liven up the category, offering more interesting flavour profiles with healthier ingredients, appealing to a wider audience [vegan friendly] and most importantly lifting the bar when it comes to taste.

Proudly the first brand to be consciously packaging these tasty condiments in an easy squeeze light-weight rPET recyclable bottles. Its user friendly for kids and adults alike, and kind to the environment.

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