Dr Feelgood pop 2Dr Feelgood pops was born from an attempt within Director Craig Jackson’s household to get some healthy food into two fussy kids, in the guise of a frozen ‘treat’.

Initially smoothies and fresh juices were converted into ice pops, and gradually the flavour combinations became more inventive – the only rule was no refined white sugar; every ingredient had to have food value. How to cram as many nutrients into one ice pop and still have them taste good was the continual and sometimes difficult quest.

Every time friends and family came over we would ask them to vote for their favourites and gradually we developed a bunch of tried and tested recipes; everyone started saying that they were the best pops they had ever tasted.

Dr Feelgood handmade frozen pops launched on January 5th 2015, just a year after the idea was born. The pops are created at the family farm on the outskirts of Auckland.

Dr Feelgood pop 4“We were looking for a new business idea, and decided that this would be it. The name hit us out of the blue during a brainstorming session, and it just felt right. Dr Feelgood was born, nothing to do with the band! Our pops are just what the doctor ordered, a treat that makes you ‘feel good’ both inside and out. Perfect!” Jackson says.

With no previous food experience but with a background in film and design, Jackson says the ice pops should be considered a 'treat', but that he and his partner Melanie, have done their best to make their 'treat' as healthy as possible and the couple have tried to squeeze as many nutrients into the product as possible.

Dr Feelgood pop 3Dr Feelgood pops are available in six flavour variants and natural ingredients are chosen over powders or concentrates. Organic raw cacao instead of normal cocoa, because it's much higher in antioxidants and Jackson chooses to juice raw ginger instead of using ginger powder - because of the medicinal benefits. “We use fresh mint and mince it by hand; we use manuka honey for its medicinal benefits. We have both Dairy and non dairy flavours - using coconut cream as a wonderfully creamy dairy alternative. We don't use any weird stuff like flavourings or colourings; instead we only use pure juices and fruit pulps. We manufacture at low temperatures to maintain maximum nutrition.” says Jackson.

For more information please visit: www.drfeelgood.co.nz