The team at the Good Cocktail Co wanted to offer global cocktail lovers an indulgent, convenient and affordable drink without artificial ingredients or any nasty additives. It had to be easy to mix with clean, pure ingredients and definitely no fuss.

So, the on trend flavours of the new Good Cocktail Co range are from real fruits and natural botanical extracts, pure New Zealand artesian water and are unique twists on old classics with sensory ingredients such as hibiscus blossoms.

Packaged in an easy pourable soft pouch they are convenient and recyclable and made in New Zealand. The pouches fit easily into the fridge or a picnic basket, are convenient to take to a party or whipping up a fun cocktail moment with friends on the beach, at music festival or on camping adventures, with five great cocktails per pouch!

The range - Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Mojito and a complementary Simple Syrup that is the backbone to home-made cocktails such as Whisky Sour. Contact your Alliance marketing rep or call 09 263 9466 to place your order today.