New Zealand’s leading brand in sustainability, ecostore, has announced the launch of its new oral care range - toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush - completing its range of home, body and baby products. The new range uses safer, naturally derived ingredients and the toothbrush is made from plant plastic, ensuring they are safer for you and the world. This will be the only full range of naturally derived oral care products available in New Zealand supermarkets.

Ecostore’s new toothpaste and mouthwash use naturally-derived ingredients, including magnolia bark extract and kanuka oil, to help reduce plaque, prevent tartar build-up, fight cavities and protect against germs that cause bad breath. Natural essential oils including peppermint, spearmint, menthol and clover-leaf are used as an alternative to synthetic flavours to provide a long-lasting freshness.

Testing was carried out by independent laboratories on the products to demonstrate the toothpaste and mouthwash’s effectiveness in reducing the four main bacteria found in the mouth, which are associated with causing cavities, decay and gum disease. The toothpaste was also shown to be effective in reducing the build-up of plaque on teeth.

Auckland-based holistic dentist Yvonne Vannoort at Sanctuary Dental has seen a rise in the number of her clients seeking natural alternatives in their oral care.

“My interest over the years has focused on learning about holistic theory and then applying that concept to dentistry. I have learnt about the effect mercury and other heavy metals, as well as chemicals such as SLS, fluoride and triclosan, have on our bodies. I hope Kiwis will learn more about what they are putting into their bodies and choose natural products that result in improved health and wellness for them, their family and our wider community," said Vannoort.

New Zealand supermarket data highlights that natural toothpaste is the fastest growing segment in the total oral care category at +23%*. The market share of natural toothpaste has increased by 1.5% in just over a year, driven by the rapidly growing market of conscious consumers.

“There is growing consumer concern about the environment and health effects of some conventional products across many categories. For a while, we’ve had consumers ask us for safer oral care products.  We’ve listened and have created a range using naturally derived ingredients that are free from SLS, triclosan, fluoride and parabens. We’re excited to now be able to share these products we’ve been working hard to develop with our consumers," said Ecostore’s Senior Brand Manager - Oral Care, Lucy Acland.

Naturopath and nutritionist, Jess Blair, will be representing the ecostore brand for the new oral care range and believes the more natural products, the better, including home and cleaning products, soaps and skincare. She’s also a fan of limiting the amount of chemicals in our homes, and on and in our bodies.

“I’m thrilled to be the ecostore brand ambassador for the oral care range. Healthy living and natural products, especially around the home, are paramount for me and it’s easy to make the change particularly with young children around. When buying products, I always look out to make sure that they are paraben, SLS and triclosan-free. Triclosan is linked to abnormal endocrine system, thyroid hormone signalling and weakening of the immune system. Using a natural toothpaste and mouthwash to avoid putting these nasty chemicals into our bodies is good for our health," said Blair.

“Jess is someone that embodies the ecostore brand. She is trying to guide Kiwis to live a healthier and more sustainable life that is better for families and the environment. This made her the perfect choice to be the brand ambassador for ecostore’s new oral care range," said Acland.

Ecostore was the first company in New Zealand to innovate in plant-based packaging for their bottles and continues to innovate with plant plastic toothbrushes. Plant plastic is bio-based, renewable and carbon neutral, with no nasty chemicals found in the production of petrochemical plastic such as BPA, PVC, phthalates. The toothbrushes and toothpaste tube are recyclable through the company’s new oral care recycling program, where ecostore will collect the brushes and toothpaste tubes from consumers via freepost and collection bins at key retailers. Ecostore is bringing the plant-based plastic from its toothbrushes back into its supply chain to help create a circular economy. The company is reusing the plastic from the toothbrush handles in spanners for wholesale customers to open bulk containers, reducing the amount of virgin plastic the brand consumes.

The new oral care range from ecostore is available in supermarkets nationwide. The toothpaste comes in three variants (100g): Complete Care, Whitening and Propolis, all with a fresh mint flavour, RRP $4.99. The plant plastic toothbrushes are available in four colours in both Soft and Medium bristles, with multi-height bristles for cleaning performance, RRP $4.99. Complete Care Mouthwash has a fresh mint flavour, RRP $7.99.