Exquisite snack -ghiotti

Ghiotti's cured meats range is full of flavour and makes for an excellent snack or addition to a variety of dishes. Salchichon is a key product in Spanish cuisine. Served in thin slices, it creates an exquisite snack and adds a delightful flavour to a wide variety of dishes. Red, hot and spicy as it should be, Chorizo Extra is the perfect Spanish experience and a necessary ingredient for the paella and inevitable in tapas. Jamon Serrano - this country ham is a national treasure in Spain. Cured for at least a year, perfect as a tapa with cheese and olives or in a favourite pasta recipe.

European Foods are committed to presenting only the best authentic and top quality food products, carefully selected from across Europe to bring innovation and flavour to New Zealand.

For more information visit www.ghiotti.co.nz or phone 09 551 7410.