Flavours You Know and Love

From its humble beginnings at the Motueka Kai Fest in 2018, Penati founder Don Grant has stayed committed to bringing health to the mainstream through creating all-natural, healthy snacks that are a pleasure to eat. This time Don’s knocked the ball out of the park with his all-new flavour Rosemary & Hemp.

Like all the Penati flavours you know and love, Rosemary & Hemp is keto-friendly, all-natural, honestly delicious and very nutritious. But this time with the added benefit of the nutritional powerhouse, Hemp, and an honestly delicious twist of rosemary.

Hemp elevates Penati’s already highly nutritious profile with its high protein and abundance of healthy fats, vitamins (E, B6) and minerals (magnesium, phosphorous, potassium). While rosemary delivers the honestly delicious signature twist.

Whether you’re after something which tastes great or a nutritious snack to make you feel great, Penati’s got you covered.