Fogdog Ready to Hit Shelves

Makers of premium breadcrumbs, batters and coatings, Fogdog have reintroduced its entire range in brand-new packaging, ready to hit shelves nationwide. With the introduction of new owners in April 2020, the team have breathed life into the well-loved brand, unifying the range in both colour and style. Aiming for a rejuvenation of the brand, as opposed to a branding overhaul, Fogdog’s recognisable statement colours and fun food icons remain present, but with a fresh new take.

Founded in 2009 and inspired by a love of good food and no-fuss cooking, Fogdog is proud to bring consumers its range of NZ-made breadcrumbs, batters and coatings in a fresh, new look. With products that are incredibly easy to use, taste great, and require minimal cooking experience, half of Fogdog’s range also caters to a gluten-free market, meaning their products can be enjoyed by the whole family. Right from the beginning, Fogdog has taken joy in providing innovative solutions for people who love great tasting food; guaranteeing a range of products that are crunchy, delicious and easy to use – every time.