Fresh Look for Chia Sisters

Nelson natural drinks company Chia Sisters has announced a brand refresh for its entire range of pressed juices, smoothies, sparkling and superfood drinks, reinforcing their position as a leader in the functional beverage space in New Zealand.

Chia Sisters has been producing health drinks from its solar-powered, zero-carbon juicery in Nelson since 2012.

General manager Bonnie Slade said the Chia Sisters’ new branding reflects the transparent, ethical and natural approach the company has to making health-driven beverages that are good for people and for the planet.

“Our new look distinguishes our functional range of drinks to emphasise just how nutritionally rich our drinks are. Our Chia and Superfood Smoothies in particular use natural superfoods such as chia and hemp which are packed full of micronutrients," said Slade.

“They’re perfect for anyone wanting to stay healthy, boost immunity and improve their quality of life. We call them nutritional powerhouses in a bottle, and they hit the mark for a daily dose of micronutrients.”

She said their founding product, Chia, was created to provide essential, natural nutrition for athletes whose options at the time for healthy and sustaining drinks were artificially flavoured, sweetened and coloured electrolyte beverages.

“Chia was ahead of its time when it launched in 2012 and was the first of its kind in New Zealand’s rapidly growing functional beverages category. With the natural goodness of magnesium, calcium, prebiotic fibre, plant omega 3 and electrolytes, the Chia range offers improved gut health, brain boost and natural energy. While initially created with athletes in mind, today Chia is sought after by anyone wanting to maintain everyday health and wellness.”

The functional range also includes two delicious Superfood Smoothies that pack a protein punch sourced from the fibre-rich hemp seed.  There are few drinks like the Cacao flavour where one bottle provides 94% of people’s recommended daily intake of iron, and the Berry flavour which provides 72% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium.

An Immunity Hot Tonic completes the nutrient-dense line up.  Made with  Golden Bay Mānuka honey, lemons, ginger and turmeric, it is packed full of vitamin c to help boost immunity and soothe tired bodies.  Each bottle contains seven serves when mixed with hot water for winter or over ice with sparkling water for summer.

Chia Sisters also makes a range of pressed juices, crushed fruit smoothies and sparkling drinks that use local fruits and roots wherever possible.

“Our design approach to packaging our everyday pressed juices, fruit smoothies and sparkling drinks heroes the provenance of our ingredients. We source our ingredients locally wherever possible. This is reflected in the product naming and the photography of the natural ingredients on the label,"

Chia Sisters is a leader in sustainability.  They are zero carbon, climate positive and their solar-powered juicery can harness up to 16,000 watts of energy per hour, with excess renewable energy sent back to the grid.

Recently Chia Sisters achieved B Corp certification, a global accreditation that certifies companies based on how they create value for their team, the community and the environment. They were named by B Corp in the top five percent of companies in the world for their environmental efforts.

Chia Sisters has its eyes firmly on expansion of both domestic and export markets. Currently their range adorns shelves in supermarkets across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, with plans to reach more export markets soon.

“Our aim has always been to create the world’s most nutritious and sustainably made drinks. It’s a category that has seen phenomenal growth globally and Chia Sisters is proud to have been one of the first  to lead this evolution."