FMCG Futures: Food and Grocery Industry Expo 2017

New Zealand’s biggest companies and brands came together at the Food and Grocery Industry Expo 2017 , organised by NZ Food & Grocery Council and University of Auckland to showcase a broad range of career options opening up in the industry. Key guests included the likes of Fonterra, Crossmark, Delmaine, Lion, Nestle and Villa Maria.

The event gave students an exciting opportunity to talk with company representatives and get in touch with companies that are running graduate programmes or simply looking for talent to train. “I definitely think that job opportunities in the FMCG industry are increasing,” said Kelly Smith, director of Bizadvisor and member of FGC. “Our industry is not seen as sexy and attractive as some other industries. We’re competing with telcos, finance companies, IT and agencies more than we have in the past because we haven’t done a great job at promoting ourselves.” The number of roles out there is rising, she emphasised, due to the growth enjoyed by the sector with more small suppliers joining the market.

The event followed on from 2016's success with over 1,000 students attending from a cross section of faculties.