Foodstuffs have announced that Steve Bayliss, Group GM Marketing of FSNZ has decided to leave Foodstuffs after seven years and an outstanding contribution to the two co-ops. Bayliss advised Steve Anderson and Chris Quin of his intent to move on last year, and a timeframe was recently settled to allow an orderly leadership transition.

"Steve's passionate advocacy for our customers has led the business to extraordinary growth in revenue and market share," said Chris Quin. "Under Steve's leadership, our customers now engage with us at a whole new level thanks to the work he (and his team) have put into talking about how we're fresh, real, good value and truly connected to their lives.

"Through Steve, we launched loyalty programmes like Clubcard and Sticky Club and now more than a million New Zealanders share their data with us so we can inspire them and help them save."

Pak'nSave's Stickman was given fresh energy and he has since become a Kiwi cultural icon. 'Litlle' campaigns broke records, won awards and inspired generations of New Zealanders to collect, grow and eat fresh, and these are just some of the highlights.

"Steve is humble and loath to take the credit for what he has achieved but he started with just one employee (himself) and he leaves us in a strong position with over 50 talented people in the design studio, the insights team, brand and retail marketing, CRM, the digital team and PR. He is undoubtedly one of the best marketers in New Zealand and we're grateful for the expertise and passion he's brought to Foodstuffs and the way we deliver for customers."

Bayliss will finish up on June 1 as he has a couple of projects he would like to see through to completion before he heads off on his next adventure.

"On behalf of FSNZ, FSNI and FSSI, Steve Anderson and I would like to thank Steve Bayliss for the incredible contribution he's made and the strong legacy he leaves for our co-op and wish him all the very best for the future."