New Zealand’s number one selling natural bug repellent, Goodbye SANDFLY, has just got bigger with Countdown and Foodstuffs now ranging the large SANDFLY 150ml size.

The Kerikeri natural products company founder, Becky Cashman said Goodbye SANDFLY was initially developed to target the tourist market in South Island sandfly country but has quickly grown to be the go-to repellent for Kiwis around the country.

“When Goodbye SANDFLY began 18 years ago it was largely a tourist supported product but it has very much become the choice for family fun and summer holidays, highlighting the growing demand for good natural products.

“Given the average spend for the repellent category is under $9.00 and the SANDFLY 150ml bottle is $19.99, there is massive incremental growth for retailers,” said Cashman.

Goodbye SANDFLY is made from quality essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine, Manuka, Tea Tree and Lemongrass blended with sweet almond oil.  The unique combination of oils delivers both a bug repellent and skin soothing properties and is available in a 40ml dropper, and in 50ml, 150ml and 1litre spray bottles.

Goodbye SANDFLY, along with sister brands Goodbye OUCH and Goodbye NITS, recently completed a gruelling process to be the first grocery brand in New Zealand to be NATRUE certified.   This stringent international certification process for natural and organic cosmetic products gives consumers the confidence they are buying a truly natural product.

Goodbye SANDFLY has been NZ's #1 selling natural repellent since 2009.(Annual Aztec-IRI data) and the 150ml bottle was #1 in Rate of Sale (Aztec IRI MAT TKA 5/3/17).