How To Be a ‘Well’ Being

Family owned and operated Greenlea Premier Meats has created a range of flavourful drinking broths to satisfy the growing market for nutrient-rich gut health and immune system boosting bone broth tonics.

Restore has launched with seven SKUs of free-range New Zealand chicken and grass-fed New Zealand beef broths.

The 24 to 48-hour simmer process creates a nutrient rich broth by extracting all the goodness from the bones including amino acids, such as glutamine, protein and collagen, all of which have amazing power to benefit health and wellbeing. Drink yourself healthy!

All of the broths are hormone and antibiotic free, certified gluten free, dairy free and trans-fat free, paleo and coeliac friendly.

Drinking Bone Broths have taken the USA and Asia by storm with Bone Broth Bars in some places replacing Coffee Bars. It’s a rapidly growing sector and Restore plans to be at the forefront of this categories growth with aggressive marketing and an ongoing new product development programme.