Hunny Hunny!

Nut Brothers has released a new Vegan Hunny Coconut Nectar, a fabulous 100 percent natural sweetener and sugar substitute using coconut nectar from the coconut flower.

Containing a rich source of minerals and vitamins, with a low GI (glycemic index), Vegan Hunny has a sweet caramelised taste that makes it perfect for using in smoothies, baking, breakfasts and desserts. It is also a 1:1 substitute for sugar, maple syrup and of course honey!

“We have noticed a huge interest in plant based diets, here in New Zealand and globally there has been a recent hunger for plant based products. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with a locally packed New Zealand product that falls right within our expertise, nuts!" said Jono Wood, Director at Nut Brothers."

Its Vegan Hunny Coconut Nectar is made from coco-nuts, the nectar from the Sri Lankan coconut flower to be precise. The liquid from the coconut tree blossom is minimally processed to retain all its natural goodness into a liquid nectar. When dried this product becomes coconut sugar but the team decidedly kept theirs in a delicious liquid form so that it can easily drizzled, spread or blended into smoothies and can also be used to sweeten coffee or tea to get away from white sugar as a 1:1 replacer.

"We wanted to offer all consumers a plant-based option that had a catchy and memorable name that everyone would embrace so we called it Vegan Hunny Coconut Nectar. We hope that Vegan Hunny Coconut Nectar will become a product that everyone from Chefs to Bakers and Home cooks will love for its rich caramel taste, beautiful syrupy texture, it’s lower GI properties and obvious long term health benefits.”