Hypermedia Unveils Special Build for Tip-Top on Prime Retail Network

Retail media owner Hypermedia has teamed up with MBM to produce a network first custom build for Tip Top utilising the Prime Retail media network.

“We’re delighted to support MBM and Tip Top to deliver an amplified creative execution for their awesome CookieTime Colab. We’ve always been passionate about Prime’s ability to connect with shoppers at key moments on the path to purchase and the integration of special build solutions has taken its ability to captivate those audiences to a whole new level," said Hypermedia GM Adam McGregor.

When asked about the creative scope for custom builds, the team at Hypermedia were confident that the panels are the perfect platform to allow agencies and brands to think big. The panel frames are heavy, sturdy and reinforced meaning they can support a wide variety of signage materials from PVC, acrylic, wood and more.

“We hope to be challenged by our agency and brand partners to deliver uniquely impactful solutions across the Prime network in 2021.” said head of production, Maureen Kerr. “We have a vision to make Prime Retail one of the most flexible and impactful creative mediums available in NZ.”

This first of its kind execution for Tip Top coincides with the installation of 5 “new look” Prime Panels into Bayfair Shopping Centre in Tauranga, part of a wider portfolio expansion and refurbishment project Hypermedia are undertaking over the next 12 months.

The new panels are moving away from the traditional steel frame look opting for a sleeker and more polished black veneer.

“Black was the logical choice for the 2.0 panel look, not only is it part of our nation’s identity from the teams we support down to the clothing we choose to wear, but most importantly we were intent on ensuring the new look worked to further amplify our clients creative. The frame, while more visually appealing was designed to increase contrast between the frame and media making the featured creative that much more vivid," said McGregor.

Prime Retail currently boasts access to more than 1.4 million shopping centre and supermarket shoppers every week with 234 available faces nationwide.

Please contact adam.mcgregor@hypermedia.co.nz for more information on custom build creative solutions on the Prime Retail Network. www.hypermedia.co.nz.