For any new brand entering the RTD alcohol market, product innovation and desirability are the tricky subjects that need to be addressed to ensure a memorable launch, gain attention from retail channels and create a ‘want’ from the consumer. For the team behind Luxerose, a challenger brand in this very crowded marketplace meant looking at the actual consumption experience from a fresh perspective before any design considerations.

Onfire Design helped guide the process through the visual and tactile audits, coming to the simple premise of creating a product for the next generation of cocktail RTDs for the next generation of drinkers. This was in response to the need to satisfying a growing desire to discover new flavours, mixes and blends among the identified millennial consumer. Instead of a bottle with a single flavour, often purchased in multipacks, Luxerose needed to deliver multiple recipes to create the idea of ‘discovery’ and making the brand an ‘event’.

NZ mixologists were commissioned to create bespoke, colourful recipes using ingredients from and inspired by New Zealand. Onfire Design proceeded the design process; tall, single-serve glass vials were created which could be used to chill and consume from or dispense into a glass, a wow factor, especially in social scenarios. These are placed in slim keepsake cases – a creation that answered the clients desire for the brand to be ‘giftable’ and also be the foundation for a scalable e-commerce platform. Once the drink was consumed, more of their favourite flavours can then be ordered through their online shopping platform (or purchased through retail) and kept in the case for the next social gathering.

Luxerose is a brand that has succeeded by questioning the status-quo of the category and being brave in their beliefs in what this new brand should be – all about surprise, delight, discoverability, desirability but most of all delivering on new taste experiences for the savvy consumer. These convictions have produced strong uptake in NZ and Chinese retail, social media buzz, and for Auckland based brand and packaging agency Onfire Design, a steady stream of design recognition from the design community. Most recently receiving Gold and Bronze in the Dark spirits and Limited edition categories of The Dieline Awards, Chicago – the global packaging awards.

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