International Coffee Trend Hits NZ

East Imperial has launched its latest innovation, cold brewed Coffee & Tonic - blending one of New Zealand's favourite beverages with its world-renowned tonic water. In its first foray into the coffee market, East Imperial has paired its much-loved Grapefruit Tonic with cold-brewed Sumatran coffee, and fuelled with nitrogen to create a smooth and velvety beverage in a 180mL can format.

New Zealand is a nation of coffee connoisseurs - we’re some of the biggest instant coffee drinkers in the world and our capital city is home to more cafes per capita than New York City. The launch of East Imperial’s Coffee & Tonic will provide Kiwis with an all-new refreshing caffeinated alternative to enjoy on the go - providing an entirely new and sophisticated drinking experience. 

Following the worldwide coffee movement as coffee evolves to be enjoyed in many different formats, such as cold-drip coffee and canned cold brew, this innovation provides the same East Imperial quality, but redefines the way consumers drink coffee. This refreshing twist on Kiwis’ favourite drink can be enjoyed at any time of the day - morning, noon, or night. 

East Imperial's strong brand values around all-natural Asian and African ingredients and inspired by an authentic 1903 recipe, opens a unique experience to enter the cold-brew coffee market with this sustainable sourcing front of mind, says co-founder and CEO of East Imperial, Tony Burt. 

 “This launch of Coffee & Tonic is an exciting milestone for us as it’s the first blend of two different beverages that we’ve developed. Espresso and tonic is a popular drink internationally and we’re proud to have launched the first iteration of this for Kiwis” said Tony Burt. 

“While the combination of grapefruit with coffee may seem an unlikely pairing, the tangy citrus flavour of the tonic water complements the roasted coffee bitterness to create the perfectly balanced combination, while the addition of nitrogen gives it a velvety smooth texture.”

East Imperial’s Coffee & Tonic uses coffee beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra and Kenya which when combined with the zesty ruby red Grapefruit Tonic, results in a balance of spice, welcomed bitterness and natural citrus finish on the palate.

Coffee & Tonic will be available to purchase in packs of 4 x 180mL cans for $16.00 RRP from,  as well as selected supermarkets and specialty stores across the North Island.